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Perfect for One Time Offers

If you have a one time offer (aka OTO page in the internet marketing world), then, a countdown timer might be the perfect solution for you as it helps selling through scarcity.

Our countdown timer script works INDIVIDUALLY for every single visitor you get to your page, cookies them and also stores their IP in our database (you don't have to worry about hosting antyhing, by the way, it's all in our private cloud).

This way, even if they try your offer in a different browser or clear their cookies or try your page in incognito mode, we still have your offer guarded. When the timer hits 0, you'll be able to redirect them to the next page in your funnel.

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Works With All JV & Affiliate Networks & Landing page builders

Leadpages, Unbounce, Wix, Shopify, Magento ... just to name a few.

Basically, our countdown timers work with any platform that allows you to copy & paste an HTML block of code. The code we provide is really tiny, lightweight, and loads really really fast so it doesn't alter the speed of your website in any way, like other scripts do.

MORE awesome things you need to know about


You got nothing to install on your PC, nothing to host on your server.

Perfect anywhere in your funnel

Guard all your one time offers, upsells, cross sells with a limited time offer that will send your prospects to the next page when time is over

Responsive templates

Your audience is on mobile as well? We got you covered. Our templates adjust automatically to your visitors browser's resolution for a perfect fit on your page

Multiple types of timers

Evergreen? Fixed date? Daily timers? Rotating timers? Autoresetting timers? We have them all inside.

Cookie & IP based

Simply MAGIC! We make it nearly impossible for most of your prospects to trick your offer pages.

Increase your sales.

It's known fact that scarcity helps increasing sales. Why not taking advantage of it?

Top notch support

24/7 email support at your service. We usually reply in less than a few hours, even in weekends.

Customize anything you want

Colors, text size, backgrounds, text on labels - Make your timers look the way you wand.


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Run Product Launches, Promotions, Events Or Special Offers

Transform your pages into high converting cash machines, wether you're doing a christmas promotion, a black friday offer or you're simply offering your customers a better deal over a given period.

Skyrocket Your Squeeze Pages Signups

Create irresistible offers and efortlessly integrate them with your current data flow. WebsiteCountdown is compatible with all autoresponders like aweber, mailchimp or getresponse. A simple copy & paste 2 minutes operation will turn your current squeeze page into a lead generator scarcity powered machine.

Compatible With Any Platform On The Planet

Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal are just some of our supported platforms. Actually, WebsiteCountdown has been tested and proven to boost your profits from any website platform. ...

Unlimited Usage

We've got no limitations on our monthly usage. You can add websitecountdown to an unlimited number of websites and watch your sales literally go through the roof.

Free To Use On Clients Websites!!

Are you an agency or a freelancer? No worries! You can use WebsiteCountdown on an unlimited number of websites, including your clients. They'll be happy with the results as well.

Control Everything From One Place

Enough with the mess and tens of admin panels. WebsiteCountdown offers you the possibility to control everything from a single control center. Your account page. Once you've installed a countdown on a page, if you need to update the timings or colors or what not, you can do it from our control panel. How cool is that?

Custom Timer Placement

You can place the timer on squeeze pages, on blog posts, on pages, on sidebars inside of wordpress blogs. This means you may need to adjust positioning and dimensions. Guess what? IT'S BEEN TAKEN CARE OF.

Wether you want a timer at the top or bottom of the page, regardless of how much your users scroll up or down or next to a certain element on your page, websitecountdown will fit!

Create Evergreen Offers And Timezone Syncronized Offers

Another important thing you have to deal with when selling or preparing a product launch online is the timezone your clients will access it from. But no worries! We had this solved for you as well.

Even if your clients access your website from Japan or West Coast or Europe, you can have the countdowns sync and end at the same time. OR, you can run limited time offers separated for each one of them. Anything is possible with our money making awesome software!